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Our knowledge – Your advantage

SL Power can provide your company with support 24/7 every day of the year. Several of our employees hold visas to e.g. Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Russia, and the United States.

SL Power offers technical services within all subjects on board MaK and Wärtsilä-ships. Operation, maintenance, or perhaps the installation of a new engine – our expertise is widespread.

SL Power’s employees are experienced travelers, who are used to taking and carrying out demanding decisions. Often we work with several nationalities. We finish what we begin and are always prepared for further efforts. SL Power is co-operating with some of the best suppliers of spare parts on the market.

Mission and Values

Customer satisfaction by way of high quality work in a giving and sincere working environment.

  • We put the customer first.
  • We are eager for creating results.
  • We encourage change and innovation.
  • We treat everybody with respect.
  • We lead by behaviour.
  • We lead by participation.
  • We develop our employees and ourselves.
  • We use teams as a foundation for good results.
  • We act as one company with shared values, one brand and one strategy.


SLP aims at being a company with an international reputation in establishing and supporting engine plants within the marine, offshore, and power plant industry.

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Marine Division

  • SL Power is a highly experienced company in the field of installation, optimizing operations, maintenance, and repair of all MaK and Wärtsilä-engines. We provide our customers with global services – project-oriented or via service level agreements. Our focus is service provided by MaK or Wärtsilä-experts to our customers 24/7 365 days a year.

    An unexpected engine defect has great influence on the operation of a ship. Minimize the risk and let SL Power make sure that your MaK-engine observes the standards for survey and maintenance. Our technicians are MaK and Wärtsilä-experts, we know what needs to be done and when.

  • Service level agreement

    By entering into a service level agreement the ship owner will be able to access all of SL Power’s competences. We undertake the running planning of maintenance and production/procuring of spare parts and components. Our customers are provided with knowledge about the latest technology in our field of business. We have knowledge of the life expectancy of an engine and the requirements for maintenance. Furthermore, we have access to the experiences of other customers with similar equipment.

    A service level agreement ensures:

    • A supplier, who is ready to take on the responsibility and risk of maintaining the engine/plant and possibly undertake the operation of all the equipment (Operation & Maintenance Agreement)
    • A known level of expenditure in connection with maintenance and perhaps the operation, too
    • A lower expectancy level of down time compared to maintenance/operation by own staff
    • Reduced need for training and educating your own employees
    • Documented work – an important part of the validation of the individual ships by the classification societies, as it emerges clearly from the documentation what has been done when and how and according to which standards.
    • The required expertise may not be available within smaller and new ship owners’ associations when buying the equipment/plant. An Operation & Maintenance/Service Level Agreement enables SL Power to provide your organization with the required knowledge.
  • As an independent service operator, we have established a cooperation with the best suppliers of the market. Our partners ensure that we can deliver 95% of all spare parts World Wide within 24 hours.
    Many ships carry a needlessly large supply of spare parts. As an independent operator, we communicate this knowledge and thereby reduce the storage costs of some for the benefit of others who are in need here and now. Ask us –we may know where to locate the spare part you need.

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Power Plant Division

  • Operation, maintenance or maybe even a new engine – our expertise is widespread. Among others, we have established a Power Pac of 100 MV in Bangladesh and of 30 MV in Saudi Arabia respectively and supported gold mines in Mauretania and Sierra Leone. Please contact us for an indicative offer.

    Establishing and supporting a power plant in a foreign country requires planning, cooperation, and good judgement. Often special customs, rules, and business practices require special consideration. A SLP power plant employee is an experienced traveler who is able of making and carrying out demanding decisions. Furthermore, we cooperate with some of the best suppliers in the world, whether you are cooperating with Wärtsilä, CAT, or MaK – we have the expertise.

    If you need a competent unit to operate your power plant, please contact SLP for a contract for providing a complete operational team.

  • SL Power offers planned maintenance, which is conducted either according to planned intervals or after a certain number of operating hours. In collaboration with the customer, SL Power can plan maintenance and make sure that the necessary spare parts and labour are available when needed. That way, it is possible to plan measures to minimize costs, overtime rates, and downtime. At the same time, the need for keeping a stock of spare parts is reduced considerably.

    The Preventive maintenance model results in lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

  • SL Power offers an extended version of the preventive maintenance model, as the maintenance in addition to the usual maintenance of the equipment also includes running upgrading of the equipment with newer components and/or other equipment. Like this, SL Power offers an additional service to the customer. A service, which helps preventing the equipment from breaking down, improving the applicability and efficiency of the equipment, upgrading the equipment to a newer version focusing on increase of value.

    The proactive maintenance model ensures the best possible operation of the equipment/plant by competent employees, which will result in less breakdowns because of wrong operations. Less breakdowns result in lesser and smaller costs of guarantee. In the case of a breakdown, the expertise is in place, and a quick and effective handling reduces the downtime considerably.

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A career with us

A career with us

Your development counts
SL Power takes your development seriously throughout your entire career and makes certain that you get a good start. Your development will begin on your first day of work. We will make sure to provide you with a thorough induction training to prepare you properly for your new job. Your professional tool kit will be updated and we will introduce you to our concepts. By visiting our organization, you will be able to build a solid in-house network.

While working for us you will be offered both internal and external courses to strengthen your competences in order to develop your career and to improve your skills. Furthermore, you can participate in international further training if you and your superior deem it necessary.

Customer focus and valuable solutions
The customer is the most important part and our aim is solutions that provide the customer with the required value – and if possible a little more than that. You have to be prepared to help our customers proactively and to be ambitious on their behalf. If you have ambitions yourself and aim high, we are prepared to develop your competences, while our customers receive the best guidance possible.

Short agile decision-making process
If you thrive on responsibility and a short decision-making process, SL Power is your kind of company. We are an agile company with a flat management structure, which ensures a short distance between idea and action. The decisions are made where they are needed and more often than not, it is where our employees are.

SL Power as a workplace
SL Power is a sound and solid company. Your colleagues are people of different nationalities, coming from various countries. Our company is motivated by a high level of expertise, good sparring, and innovative solutions to current challenges. We have room for different opinions and the possibility to influence various solutions.

Management core values

Management core values

We take responsibility for our actions and the consequences these might have for our environment.
We are honest, open, and straightforward in everything we do.
As a family based company, we make an effort to establish long-term relationships with our employees, customers and partners.
We support and help each other if necessary.
We believe that our company can – and must – have a positive effect on our social and natural environment. We use the size of our company and the energy of our employees to build god relationships with consumers and the society and to create positive environmental changes.

We are driven by results and focus on what we actually can achieve.
We are driven by our winner mentality and aim to achieve the best. We challenge ourselves constantly to achieve even better results.
We finish what we start and we are always prepared for an extra effort. We never give up and aim to improve continuously.
We deliver good results as a team. As we want to deliver the best results possible, we collaborate closely with our colleagues, customers and partners.

We are in earnest when we say that work should be fun.
That is how we do it.
We are open, informal, and optimistic. We easily create good relationships with our colleagues, customers, and business partners.
We work hard, but share and celebrate our success.